Disadvantages of Motor Biking

It is no secret that everyone at MotorbikeChoice is a huge advocate of driving on two wheels, but it wouldn’t be right of us to simply make a biased argument in favour of motorbikes without listing some of the drawbacks.

Before you commit to buying a motorbike for yourself you need to be informed of all the facts and think carefully to yourself about any possible disadvantages compared with driving a car.

Space – Probably the most obvious difference between driving a car or a bike is the amount of passenger / luggage space between the two. If you’re used to giving the kids a lift to school every day and sticking all your shopping in the boot of your used Nissan Juke, you’ll need to get used to only having room to take one passenger with you and space for belongings is very limited.

Weather – We all know too well how unpredictable British weather can be at times, but fortunately in a car we have many options at our disposal – we can turn up the heating when it’s cold or wind down the window or turn up the air conditioning in the summer. This is far from the case with a bike, you have to wear leathers and a helmet all year round and there is never any escaping the rain.

Safety – There is no getting around the fact that by driving a motorbike you are at greater risk than motorists in four-wheeled vehicles. Let’s face it if you have a collision with a Land Rover Discovery it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to work out which driver is safer.

Entertainment – There’s no chatting or listening to music on a long motorbike journey, all you have is the sound of the wind and the road – although whether that’s a positive or negative could certainly be left open to debate!