Buying a New Bike

When buying a new bike much is still required in the way of research and education if you want the best bike for you; just because a bike is new and unused do not assume that it will be the perfect buy, for all bikes are different and offer different uses and benefits. If anything, more thought should go into it when buying a new bike, for more money will be at stake, so you have to be sure you are getting your money’s worth. Get a bike which will perform how you want it to, this means considering which type of bike you want or need.

You need to asses the differences between the car you currently own and the bike you are looking to buy. Say for example you're driving a Volvo S60 which has room for 5 passengers, you need to think about whether this is something you'll miss with only being able to take one person on the back of your bike. Of course there are many other differences which you'll need to think about and some will point you in the direction of switching for a bike - if you're a speed junkie then no car will compare to the thrill of two wheels.

If you want a bike which will tick boxes in all categories an ‘All-rounder’ may be the bike for you, but if you want a bike which is fully devoted to performance then the ‘Supersports’ will be the best bet. Here is a list of the different types of motorcycle:

On the other hand do not be put off if the bike of your dreams does not come under the most appropriate and suitable category, for this should not dictate which bike you want and if it does, I would recommend sticking with cars and maybe buying an estate. The most important thing is that you are happy with your purchase and love your bike, and as we all know, love is blind and does not abide by rationality or practicality, so if you want to arrive at your nans for your weekly visit on a Harley Davidson or sport full leathers and a born to be wild t-shirt on a lightweight scooter, then so be it!

Many internet sites will do the hard work for you in searching for appropriate dealers etc. so use these to your advantage. But once this is done be sure to do your research and know all you can about the bike of interest. Also don’t forget to include the price of extras such as gear, insurance and possible servicing costs when you are working out what you can afford and what is in your price range. Good luck with your purchase!